Honeywell Enraf

Tank gauging is essential for the assessment of tank contents, tank inventory control, and tank farm management. Honeywell Enraf’s portfolio of high-end radar & servo tank gauges helps in accurate level gauging for refineries, tank terminals, and petrochemical industries. Honeywell Enraf tank gauges are suitable for custody transfer as well as inventory control and are designed to be used in SIL-2/SIL-3 loops to prevent spillage.

Enraf Flexline Radar 990

Honeywell's Enraf® portfolio of high-end radar and servo tank gauges help in accurate level gauging for refineries, tank terminals and petrochemical industries.

The SmartRadar FlexLine automatic tank gauge (ATG) combines innovative software algorithms with our proven planar antenna technology for the precision you need in custody transfer and inventory applications.

Entis Pro Tank Inventory System

Tank Inventory Systems from Honeywell Enraf focus on inventory control, custody transfer, oil movement and tank operations within a refinery or storage terminal.

Honeywell’s Enraf® Tank Inventory Systems, ENTIS is built on the proven Experion® Platform. Powerful, modular, and easy to use, ENTIS is suitable for all kinds of distribution and bulk terminals. It provides industry-leading accuracy, flexible options and advanced security features. ENTIS is your customer’s best solution for safe, accurate and efficient inventory management.

Enraf Servo Gauge 954

Enraf Servo 954 multi-function device provides a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of measurements and interface options needed for safe and efficient terminal operations

  • Product level

  • Interface level

  • Product and gas temperature with spot or average temperature measurement, or temperature profiling

  • Density measurement and profiling

  • Direct water bottom measurement or via capacitive probes

  • Average continuous density monitoring connecting one or more HART pressure transmitters

  • SIL certified NO/NC alarm relay contact or 4-20 mA output for direct connection to a Distributed Control System (DCS), or safety and overfill protection systems such as Honeywell


The VITO LT probe belongs to the VITO family for temperature and water bottom measurement. Robust and reliable, it accurately measures average product temperature using nine temperature elements. Its advanced thermosensor technology meets all major industrial standards. VITO LT probe measures average product and vapor temperature, free water level and provides temperature profile inputs. Together with the Honeywell Enraf Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), the VITO LT helps meet your accuracy requirements for tank inventory.

AlarmScout 910 (ATEX)

The AlarmScout 910 series are used to detect high or low level switch points in a broad range of viscous to light products. Switch points can be used for safety functions such as alarm or trip via an integrated DPDT relay. Ultrasonic signal technology provides superior performance in various types of applications. Installation is easy and straightforward: no configuration or commissioning needed.

The AlarmScout 910 has one tip sensitive set-point. A 3/4” NPT process connection is sufficient to mount the AlarmScout 910 on a tank. It can be used in SIL-2 rated loops.

CIU 888

The CIU 888 is a safe and reliable gateway between tank gauges and operational systems that manage inventories at bulk storage tank farms. It ensures reliable tank and product data is easily available to multiple users and that the right data is delivered to each user according to their task. Convenient tools promote the highest efficiency during commissioning and remote servicing of tank farm gauges. Compliance with relevant standards and legislation, meanwhile, is confirmed by authorities such as the Dutch NMI.
With the CIU 888, all measured and calculated data is continuously available for efficient operations, safe control of product movements and support for custody transfer and Weights and Measures (W&M) report printing.