About Us

Measurement and Controls Technology Inc.(MCTI) is a 100% Filipino-owned company established in September 1997. The company takes pride in its ability to provide cost-effective, accurate, and timely technical support and service through its supply, installation/commissioning works, training and servicing instrumentation, and control systems.

Being in the field of instruments and controls for more than a decade now, MCTI is considered to be one of the more respected and sought-after instrumentation companies in the Philippines. Through the years, the management together with its experts and foreign-trained technical staff have been able to nurture the seed of growth that has put MCTI where it is today. The company’s activities focus heavily on engineering design, installation and commissioning, maintenance, service, training, and supply of various process control instruments.

MCTI is the agent of global leaders in instrumentation and engineered system: Honeywell Enraf (Netherlands), Isoil Impianti (Italy), Critical Facility (Singapore), Honeywell Analytics (U.S.A.), Vaconodeck (Germany), Silea (Italy), Krohne (Germany), Borsig (Germany), and KSB (Germany). The lines we carry include instruments for Oil and gas and Marine Industries, tank gauging systems, flow metering, top and bottom loading systems, gas detector systems, lightning protection systems, internal floating roofs, vapor recovery systems, and intrinsically safe devices.

MCTI has gained many years of solid experience with broad technical know-how and product knowledge in various applications in the field of instrumentation and controls. In addition, it has stock inventories here and abroad, specifically on selected items and spare parts for quick replacement complemented by prompt after-sales service support.

Known for its technical expertise and knowledge, MCTI gained the trust and respect of its valued clients, particularly in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. MCTI’s commitment to its customers is to become partners in finding solutions to their process control problems in the most optimum way. This of course is backed up by our foreign-trained engineers and technicians.

Keeping the commitment in providing high-quality products and services, the company continues to stand by its slogan: “WE SELL SOLUTIONS”. MCTI is committed to providing world-class service adhering to high standards and expertise, thus, MCTI would like to be known as a company that SELLS SOLUTIONS.