Critical Facility

Founded in 2002, Critical Facility Group Pte Ltd specializes in mitigating the ill-effects of electrical weather anomalies and offer comprehensive solutions that include direct strike protection, surge protection, grounding, on-site consultancy and information services.

The Advanced Lightning Protection System (ALPS) from Critical Facility Group is a solution that effectively protects critical facilities, locations and assets from direct lightning strikes and the resulting damage and downtime.

ALPS Model-T

The ALPS Model-T is a multi-directional air terminal rod to cater to wide range of customer needs.


  • Multiple pin-rod on sphere design to effectively collect multi-direction/angle lightning flases

  • Unique ALPS-PIN design for optimum ionization

  • Ensures business and operational continuity in storm conditions

  • Maintains integrity of electroninc equipment and manufactured products

ALPS Model-R

Model-R is a lightning rod and forms part of an external lightning protection system that protect a structure from lightning damages by collecting flashes and guiding the currents via conductor tape/cable connected it to safely dispense into the low resistance ground electrode.

Model-R is made of aluminum alloy for now, with alternative material slated for later. It has 4 different head tips, i.e. Crown, Sharp, Blunt, and Multipoint. Damaged pin can be replaced easily without replacing the rod and the base. Saving cost and labour time.

ALPS Model-D

ALPS Model-D offers the highest protection level in the series and is recommended for facilities that house hiigh value or dangerous content; or facilities and assets that involve operations that are considered critical in nature. The Model-D is a result of many years of R&D, supported by the company’s numerous in-house and associate scientists, and through feedback from the extensive field experience of our engineers, experts and clients.


  • Offers the hights level of lightning protection in the industry, backed by many system years of field installation experience

  • Lightning strike avoidance designed to mitigate both direct lightning strike and secondary effects

  • Enhanced structural design catering to increased severity in weather conditions

  • Customized to fit client’s level of protection requirement